Psalm 40 - Sometimes We Wait

April 25, 2010

Godde does not always answer
Our prayers quickly,
But if we wait and are still,
We will hear what we need to hear.

And so I waited
And so I heard
And so I was blessed.

I grew weary from waiting,
But still I trusted in The Answer.
Time whispered to me
And I listened.

What I heard shocked me,
For it disregarded the old rules
And affirmed my being.

You do not require sacrifice
And I do not need to prostrate
Myself before You,
For You love me as I am.

I will not sacrifice a part of me,
But will give the whole of my
Being over to joy.

Praise the One who accepts all of me!

I am still waiting for more answers,
But I will be still.
And I will wait.

The waiting is part of the answer.
If you want to compare it to the original, go here. What questions do you have for Godde? What answers do you need? Right now, I need to know why I am so tired all the time. I know chronic fatigue comes with fibromyalgia, but I thought that if my pain level went down, then so would my tiredness. But I guess I was wrong. My pain has been a lot better lately, but tiredness has taken its place.

This psalm is about waiting and I feel like I am often just waiting in life-waiting for a romantic relationship, for a place of my own in Atlanta, for the tiredness/pain to stop... Sometimes we wait for a long time! What do we do when we wait? The same old shit. We work, we play, we go on with life and we try to make room for times when we can listen to Godde calling our name and supplying us with the answers we need.

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