Psalm 41 - The Devil Did Not Do It

May 11, 2010

Blessed are you when you look the powerless in the eye,
Instead of passing them with your head hung low.
Godde smiles upon those that smile upon Her most helpless.
She heals all troubled hearts.

Godde, my heart is troubled
And my body is sick-
Give me strength and patience!

O Holy Friend,
My so called "friends" gossip
And they blame me for my illness,
But You and I know that is not true.
Illness comes to those it will-
It is not a matter of doing.

Please give me healing,
So that I may show all
Your mercy.

Thank you for your lovingkindness.
You are most blessed
And I love you.

To read the original, go here. You know, Godde really does not give us illness as punishment for bad deeds. Sometimes it is easy to think that way, especially when depressed, but it's not true. Sickness is a kind of evil and it is here in this world, but I do not believe that one's life ends with illness. One does not become bad when they become sick.

Similarly, I do not believe that God creates natural disasters as punishment either. Some people do. These people create great shame and trouble. They are weak, as they cannot look at the bigger picture, so they must find something or someone that is easy to blame. Pat Robertson claims that the disaster in Haiti was due to a "pact with the devil." It certainly is a lot easier to say that than to examine why the same force of winds in other parts of the world do not cause nearly as much damage. Should we analyze why one nation is kept so poor? Should we analyze racism, classism, globalism, terrorism, global warming? No, it's much easier to blame the devil...

As for my own illnesses, I am beginning to think of them as strengths. I am not a victim of my illnesses, but a fighter and I thrive. Learning how to deal with my sicknesses teaches me great lessons about myself and my own strength. It has taught me how to lean upon my higher power and how to take care of myself. I am a compassionate person and not afraid of death. What if our society did not send the message that sick people are damaged goods, but people with lessons to teach? Wouldn't we be a much more healthy society? This is something I think about often these days.

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