Psalm 42

June 1, 2010

As the darkness long for light,
So I yearn for You.
I stumble around in the dark
And with hands outstretched,
I feel for Godde.
I cry out, "Where are You?!"
I remember my past
And my days in the sun-
Life was not always so painful.

Why be miserable, O my soul?
Remember hope!

I try to remember,
But I just get flooded by my past
And I cannot move.
I feel like I am the only one
Doing the remembering.
O Faithful Friend, remember me
And remind me of my worth.
Take my hand and lead
Me down the paths of hope.
To read the original, go here. My friend, Monica Coleman, did an excellent post about how remembering the past can sometimes be helpful when dealing with depression.

The first Tuesday of the month is always a speaker meeting at my NAMI group. Usually the speaker is a professional in the mental health community, who has great insights on new treatments or governmental policies, but this Tuesday, they are asking for members to talk about their own recovery story and I volunteered to be one of the speakers. I am excited to share my story. Many of the people there already know my story, but it will be a chance for me to practice speaking in front of a large group and get some practice for motivational speaking. Who knows, maybe I will get another speaking opportunity out of tonight! In a little bit, I am going to write down what I will say and perhaps I will post it here too.

The main message that I want to convey tonight is the same one that I try to push here-that hope is real and that change is possible. I feel that sometimes NAMI focuses too much on the current problems and not on the hope that life can change. But life is all about change. It is time we embrace it!

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