Psalm 45 - A Wedding Psalm

July 22, 2010

Let us toast to my lover's
Beauty and grace.
My love is blessed beyond measure
And together we ride
In the ways of truth,
Humility, and righteousness.

God has anointed us
To be keepers
Of The Holy One's kindom.
Godde's grace follows us
Wherever we go.
How righteous is the
Love between us!

Listen, O daughter,
Forget all you have
Ever known and follow me.
Worship Godde in the
Face of your beloved.

You are royalty-
Come, acknowledge your worth!
Enter this covenant with rejoicing!
Wear your finest clothes and
May your garments shine with joy.
Come with the best you have to offer.

Our children will have royal blood
And they shall know who they are.
So be glad and rejoice!
We are the King and Queens of Love
About to serve a feast
Of goodness and righteousness
That is welcome to all.
To compare it to the original, go here.

This was a hard one for me to write, because it is a wedding psalm. It talks a lot about love and I have not been in love in years. I guess that's why we have imagination! The footnotes in my Bible said that the psalm is also about the Messiah being the bridegroom, but I am not buying it. There is unfortunately a rich history in the church to take anything romantic in the Bible, like Song of Solomon, and say it's really about Christ, even though they were written hundreds of years before Christ's life. The puritans may have wanted to take away any semblance of "impure" romantic love, but there is nothing inherently bad about it. In my opinion, love between two people can be sacred without adding additional metaphors.

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