Psalm 48 & a Litany-Take Time to Listen!

September 10, 2010

Great is our Godde
And oh, how beautiful!
Godde's kindom dazzles
With divine beauty.
Let us serve there forever!

Rulers passed by Godde's country
And were shocked into silence.
They were held captive by wonder
And they quivered and quaked.
Like a womyn in labor,
They were overtaken by fear and pain.
Like a strong ship crashed by the wind,
A ruler's power does not compare to Godde's.

Despite bureacracies that drown out justice
And governments that limit love,
Godde's kindom is here!-
We have seen it in each other's faces.
Unlike the unlawful tyrant,
Godde keeps her promises.
She wants to be in a relationship with us!
God is full of give and take-
Earthly rulers want to dominate.
See the difference?
Rejoice and be glad.

Explore Godde's holy city.
Be part of bringing Godde's kindom to Earth.
Recognize the Holy One
In each person you meet.
Let the Holy Friend be your tour guide.
Discover Godde's wonders all of your life.
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I am even busier than before! I am in a new relationship, which takes up a lot of my time and I spent a lot of time at DragonCon last weekend. Fortunately, now that DragonCon is over, my life is beginning to slow down a little bit and hopefully I will be back to posting on a regular basis. I hope you like this psalm. I wrote it a few weeks ago, but never got around to publishing it. And I do believe that Godde's kindom is here in the faces of the people we meet. When we are loving towards one another, then we are bringing Godde's kindom down to Earth, which is better than any limited government. Love has no limits! I truly believe that every person on this planet has value and worth as a human being made in the image of Godde, which is why I believe it is so important to listen to everyone. Here is a litany that I just wrote about this:

L:What kids have to say is important
P:Take time to listen and play with them.
L:What older folks have to say is important.
P:Take time to listen and hold their hand.
L:What crazy people have to say is important.
P:Take time to listen without judgement.
L:What the homeless have to say is important.
P:Take time to listen and look them in the eye.
All:We all have worth. We all deserve dignity and respect.
We are all children of Godde-keepers of the kindom.

(L-Leader P-People)

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