Psalm 8

June 26, 2009

My Godde and everyone’s Godde,
There is none like You;
Your glory surpasses all.

The weak of mouth shout Your name,
They praise You as they can.
And this weakens Your enemies.
The strongest enemy cannot stand up to Your strength.

When I gaze upon the stars,
The moons,
The constellations;
I consider that all come from You.
What is so great about humankind?
Why do you care about us?
Why not give up?
Yet, we are still one of Your greatest creations
And one day we will share Your glory.

You have even given us the birds, beasts, and fish on Earth.
We must care for them like You care for us.
Perhaps they ask the same questions!

(The pics are courtesy of
This is one of my favorite recreations so far. It's really, just one of my favorite psalms, period. To read the original, go to

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