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May 25, 2010

People sitting out their lives in the dark saw a huge light; sitting in that dark, dark country of death; they watched the sun come up. (18, The Message Bible)

This passage is about the Christmas Story, but I think it also applies to recovery from depression. Depression feels like you're living in the "dark country of death" and some people cannot wait until recovery and end up killing themselves. It can take a really long time to find the right medication, to gather a supportive network of people around you, and to learn effective coping skills, but the wait is worth it. I am still not used to not being depressed, but I can tell you it is wonderful. I am thankful for my life and that I did not end it before my time. It used to be so hard to plan for the future and now I have many plans. Don't give up-The darkest hour is just before dawn.

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