Quote of the Day & A Lesson on Inclusive Language

May 19, 2010

For Jesus is the descent of God to our lives, just as we are, not the ascent of our lives to God, hoping [s]he might approve when [s]he sees how hard we try. (10, The Message Bible)

The Message Bible is written in contemporary language, which makes it easy to read. Unfortunately, it contains way too many colloquialisms, which often times makes the writing slightly cheesy and too wordy. I feel like the editor failed at his/her's job. Still, it has some beautiful passages and it is what I am currently reading before I go to bed at night, so you will be seeing some passages from it over the upcoming days.

When I am quoting from any Bible, you may notice that I will make the language about God more inclusive by adding an "s" in brackets. I believe God is beyond gender, with the qualities of both and I am not going to deny Godde her femininity. People may say that the male pronoun is all inclusive, but do not believe it. Language has power and when one only hears Godde referred to in the masculine sense, then one can subconsciously really believe that men are above womyn. I also believe that when we only acknowledge Godde's masculine side, then we are denying some of Godde's creative power and that is a shame. Just as Godde loves us, just as we are, so we should love Godde-just as Godde is.

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