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May 18, 2010

It does make me feel holy, being connected with my body and brain like this.

I wish I knew who spoke this sentence, but all I wrote down besides the quote was the date: 7/29/06. I unfortunately do not remember what the "this" is, but the quote reminds of a practice that I learned in my eating disorder recovery called "mindfulness." Mindfulness is when one is mindful of what she is eating and how she feels intellectually and how she feels physically. People with eating disorders are not connected with their body or their emotions and it is important to reconnect with them. When one is eating, it is important to ask one's self questions like, "How am I feeling?," "Do I feel full?," "Could I eat more?" or "What does this remind me of?" Mindfulness takes a lot of practice, but eventually one gains the ability to listen to the body. This is liberating, for this means that one no longer has to be afraid of her body anymore. The body is not a monster that will never be satisfied, but rather is a friend that will let you know when she has had enough or when she wants more.

This quote also reminds me that holiness involves a mind and body connection. It is a cliche that holy people only think heavenly thoughts, while totally disregarding their body and other earthly matters. But I would say that these kinds of people are not really that "holy." The truth is that anyone can be holy. Being holy means that one sees Godde's glory in all of Her creation-in a beautiful flower or the face of a homeless person. And we must use that connection to connect with all of Godde's creation. That means treating all people, plants, and animals with respect-giving the love, joy, and peace that one feels from Godde to everyone and thing one meets. So it's still being mindful, just in a different way.

Another benefit to being mindful is that it forces a person to stay in the moment. When one is in the moment, then she cannot worry about the future. I have had a lot of trouble with staying in the present, but I am finally beginning to learn how to appreciate now and it is also liberating.

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