Quote of the Day & My Version of Faith

July 20, 2010

Your faith has saved and healed you. (The Message Bible, 101)

I often think of faith as the act of putting one foot in front of another. Faith is following in the Way of Jesus (or some other way of life), even though life seems bleak and even though you do not have all the answers. It is taking it one moment at a time, which is sometimes all one can do and that is okay. Life will get better if we just keep moving forward-if we just keep on doing the "next right thing."

A lot of people think of faith as passively believing in something that is really hard to believe in, but I find it's easier and more helpful to think of it as an action. I can keep on living for another minute. I can be grateful for this moment. I can breathe deeply right now. That is enough.

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