Quote of the Day - Who's the Expert?

July 15, 2010

Don't set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. (The Message Bible, 46)

I believe there are only two experts in my life: me and my Godde. Ideally, we are a partnership. I listen for Godde's Spirit all around me as I try to choose the better way to live. I must also listen to my own body and spirit as I decipher what is best for me to do in the moment. No one can do this for me. In the past, I have gotten in trouble when I have relied upon others to tell me what to do. In the past, I have let other people take my own power. When I was in Milledgeville, I needed to go to the hospital a long time before I finally did. The reason why I prolonged going as long as I did was because so-called "experts" kept on persuading me not to. I listened to the experts, rather than to the true experts-myself and my Godde. I knew what I needed to do and yet I did not yet trust myself enough and so I stayed suicidally miserable for a long time. After I finally realized how much I really needed help and how wonderful it felt once I was finally on the right medications and receiving adequate help, I decided that never again would I set up other people as experts over my life. For my recovery to be first, I have to value the voices of myself and my Godde over all others.

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