Rich in Golden Summer Squash

June 19, 2009

Wednesday night I made a simple, yet scrumptious dinner using squash from my mom's own organic garden.Wonderful!

All I did was cut it up,

Cover it with Ken's Lemon Pepper Marinade,

Sautee it,

Add noodles, and parmesean cheese, and voila! Done!
And my stomach was full and happy!

2 comments on “Rich in Golden Summer Squash”

  1. oh, cheese. glorious cheese. This sounds really nice and easy and flavorful. have you ever tried bake-frying them?

  2. I don't even know what bake-frying is! I bet it's good though. I assume it's not as greasy as regular fried? My stomach gets queasy with most fried food. And guess what? I made my own version of your chicken salad and it was great! I'll do a post on it when I have time.

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