Rising Out Of Fire

February 3, 2017

In my creative writing activity at the center where I work, I had peers write their thoughts in response to this picture:

This is what I wrote:
It used to be that all I could think of was my pain.  It was all I felt. I called my story The Girl Who Couldn't Stop Crying.  It seems a bit melodramatic now but it was how life was.  Eventually I wore myself out.  I got tired of always being miserable.  I got tired of always crying and wanting someone else to fix me.  Gradually I learned that I had to validate myself.
I had been through the fire but I was not burnt.  I had scars but underneath everything, I was okay. 
I learned to move towards people that emphasized my okay-ness, that do not put me down or dwell in the land of troubles all day.  I learned that it is okay to ask people for reassurance and that it is okay to let myself believe it.  I learned that although life is hard, it is full of joy too.  I learned to embrace the joy and be grateful for the simple things in life.  I grew into the free person I am today. 
I may have been through fire, but I am still cool.   

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog through your latest post on Facebook in the Healing Out Loud community. I'm going to start reading your blog now. I also have bipolar (I) and borderline traits. DBT has helped me tremendously. Good to meet you!

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