May 15, 2016

I am the only Guinea pig I have. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Here is my latest roundup of Facebook writings: Periodically, I try getting off my meds and always get back on and at this point, that's actually good, I think.  I'm very self-aware and am determined to never be hospitalized again.  So as long as I am self-aware, why not give it a try?  I'm back on my meds, mainly for my depression, pain and anxiety.  I've finally found a good combination for me and I do think I will always be on my antidepressant, as I use it for  physical symptoms, as much as mental.  I would like to be off my antipsychotic one day, the whole cost being higher than my rent being enough of a reason on its own, I think. (Don't worry too much, I am able to get free samples from my doc, but still, the knowledge hurts my heart and soul.}. But as it also helps with anxiety, that might not happen.  (I got disability for my schizo affective disorder but we all know my main issue is anxiety.  I mean, really.}. I'm tired of the stigma against and for medications. I'm tired of people not knowing that psych meds, including antipsychotics are used for many uses, including chronic pain, IBS, and many other less stigmatized things.  (I'm actually going to up my antidepressant to help with those two things! Keep your fingers crossed.}.  So hey!  Less meds over the long haul I think should be the goal but even better there should be less pushing by other people for more or less medications.  No one knows what works best for a person than the person taking them and every person is different.

I created a group called Morbid Positivity to be a space where people can be morbid but not in a super depressing way.  It will range from spiritual to practical to funny to pop culture references to social justice issues to poetry to whatever we want.  It is not a group to glamorize suicide or mental illness.  We can be a support system for each other, however the main point of this group is to be practical and fun. We will be talking about death/nihilism/burial practices/living wills, etc., so if those topics trigger or depress you, then this may not be the group for you.  If you are interested in joining, let me know!  If not, then just be amused... Lol


  I love social media, i love smartphones and tablets.  They let me connect to people on the other side of the world and carry both The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson and Bad Feminist on MARTA.  Focus on the positive in this world, not the negative.  (But work to change the negative too) I love all my people!!


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