Silent Sunlight, Music & Lyrics by Cat Stevens, Sung by Me!

September 18, 2009

Besides posting my own poetic psalms at least once a week, I thought I would add a new feature involving my artistic talents - a video of myself playing and probably singing a song that I find inspirational. The instrument of choice may be the piano, guitar, mountain dulcimer, flute, organ, or perhaps just my own voice. The first song is Silent Sunlight, written by Cat Stevens. I'm singing this song this Sunday at church, so I thought this would be good way to practice. Hopefully, this will help improve my singing and playing-I know that it has already improved my performance for Sunday, because hearing myself sing the song the first time I played it back, reminded me not to get lazy with my pronunciation. I could barely make out the lyrics to the first verse, so hopefully you will understand it in this version!
********Whoops! Sorry! I tried and I tried, but I couldn't get the video to upload onto Blogger-I did get it to upload onto YouTube, but the video was majorly screwed up and the result was quite horrifying, so I'm gonna keep on playing with my video and hopefully, eventually, my idea of a video series will happen, but until then, here are the lyrics and two other versions... *sigh*


Silent sunlight welcome in,
There is work I must now begin,
All my dreams have blown away.
And the children wait to play,

They'll soon remember things to do,
When the heart is young
And the night is done
And the sky is blue.

Morning song bird sail away,
Lend a tune to another day,
Bring your wings and choose a roof,
Sing a song of love and truth.

We'll soon remember if you do,
When all things were tall,
And our friends were small,
And the world was new.

Sleepy horses heave away,
Put your backs to the golden hay,
Don't ever look behind at the work you've done,
For your work has just begun.

There'll be the evening in the end,
But till that time arrives,
You can rest your eyes,
And begin again.
The original, by Cat Stevens, from his 1972 album, Catch Bull at Four!

Here is Dawud Wharnsby Ali's cover of the song-it's really more beautiful than mine!

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