Slow Kingdom Coming - Book Review

August 5, 2016

whatever we follow is what we’re transformed by - Slow Kingdom Coming by Kent Annan.

Slow Kingdom Coming by Kent Annan - I hated the first part, which seemed like an advertisement for his friend's church but the book got better.  The book is basically about the fact that there are many ways to superficially, consumerally show support for justice but that with more focus and careful consideration, a person can make a better contribution to bringing God's kingdom to Earth.  I liked his section on confession as part of justice work.  I don't confess enough.  His book had nothing I had not heard of before but I put some of his quotes in my inspirational quote book.  I liked what he said about needing gratitude and joy. 

Joy can be a kind of lifeline as we work for justice, which exposes us to suffering and exacts a toll on us.

 I have also found them to be instrumental in keeping me going.  His book seemed to be basically spiritual intentional peer support (IPS) to me.  IPS is a training that I took at work and we also emphasize partnering with, empathetically listening, cultural competency, and showing respect towards all.  It was nice to see what I believe mirrored in a spiritual book, although it would have been nice if I had been introduced to something new.  Instead,  I had what I already believe and practice reaffirmed. (Although I did appreciate the reminder to confess.)

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