Spiritual Happiness

June 1, 2016

Here are today's reflections based on chapter 13 of Tobit.

Tobit 13:6b See the wonders God has worked for you, and thank God at the top of your lungs.

This song of praise reminds me of my gratitude practice and why it is so important to always be grateful for something.  It is called practice for a reason.  Doing a gratitude practice consistently has changed my heart from looking for the negative to looking for the positive, which has helped my state of mind and helped my relationship with God. Today I am even thankful for my misery for it prompted me to take action and change.  People who never truly feel their pain become complacent and do not grow.

Tobit 13:10b May God bring happiness to all the exiles and show love to those of us who are suffering, for all generations and all times.

The more I read the Bible, the less Biblical evidence I see for the ways of Trump and other fear-mongers on keeping exiles, immigrants and refugees out of our country.  God wants us to bring happiness to the exiles – not harm and not indifference.  We are supposed to be a people of acceptance, generosity and welcome, not a people of hatred and fear.

Tobit 13:14 Happy are those who love you, and happy are those who rejoice in your blessings.  Happy are those who grieve with you and witness your glory forever.

  Happy are those that walk with God and happy are those that walk with the God found in other people.  God wants connection with us and for us to connect with each other.  Even when people are sharing pain, their load is lightened.


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