Summer Vacation 2016 - My Queenly Self

August 4, 2016

We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we would stand-out in the wide open spaces of God's grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise. (The Message Bible, 315)

On day three, the sea was very calm, just like me:

  The perfect weather for my brother to paddle me around the ocean.  I felt like a queen on the Nile:

And really, I am like a queen-I am the queen of my life. I get to choose how I react, think, and feel.  It takes hard work to realize a certain way does not serve me anymore but I am the one who gets to decide when I have had enough and how I am going to change.  I believe that I have the support of my higher power, whom I call by many names. I believe it is my higher power that prepares me and shows me new ways of being that I would not think of on my own.  It is up to me to open my heart to Her whispers.
A being who has far less choice is my brother's dog, Bee.  I've had fun taking pictures of her, as she is the queen of the questioning look, of peering around corners.
 Bee and I have the same happy look:
 My canine namesake, Corey, looks like a queen in this picture:
 I cannot be calm forever-I know that emotions tend to cycle but I am enjoying it while it lasts.  I feel very powerful as I take selfies and look at the ocean because I know that I have the power to decide how I want to be.  I want this awareness to stay with me past vacation so that I can have a more peaceful life.  May you be peaceful too.  Blessed be!

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