Sunset Beach Day 4 - Despite Pain, There Is Beauty

July 26, 2013

I just woke up and it is Friday morning-the last full day of our vacation.  I will try not to be sad.  Blogging about the fourth day of my family's vacation and showing you that day's beautiful pictures will surely help!

Day four was all about beauty.  It was also a day when my fibromyalgia really acted up, so I wasn't able to do much of anything physical-no bike rides, beach walks, or swimming for me that day.  I stayed in my yoga pants and tank top all day (my pajamas) and took it easy.  It would have been all too easy to mope around and feel bad for myself and it is true that I would sometimes feel a twinge of jealousy when someone announced that they were going to take a walk on the beach, but really, day four was a very happy day for me.  I guess it has been a blessing in disguise that I have never been a super athletic person and that I have already developed a bunch of hobbies that I can pull out and pursue when my fibromyalgia gets out of control.

Lucky for you, when I'm on vacation the hobby that I like to pursue the best is photography!  I took many beautiful pictures of food and of nature that day and so this post will mainly be about the photos.

First off, my uncle made his famous pancakes.

My stomach was hurting, so I didn't eat as many as I normally do, but I enjoyed them all the same!  He doesn't use baking soda, so they don't rise and they resemble crepes more than the average pancake.  They're thin and buttery and yummy.  A side of cantaloupe sweetens the meal.

Next was girl time!

There is a really nice screened porch at the beach house with chairs overlooking the dock where a bunch of us often gather to talk, read, and watch the people fishing.  This time several of us women gathered to do our nails, which is something that I don't do much anymore.  Do you like the color?  I call them "fairy fingernails!" It's light purple nail polish, with a pink sparkle overcoat, followed by a dash of furry turquoise.  Yes, you heard me right-one of my aunts found a nail polish that is supposedly furry!  How weird, right?!

Now comes the scenery:

A calm picture.

The next few pictures come from the crow's nest on our beach house.  We climbed the stairs that led practically to the rooftop and took gorgeous pictures of the sunrise and some interesting shots of the countryside.

An interesting shot of one of my relatives sitting on the dock and the whole harbor.

"On the roof, it's peaceful as can be/And there the world below can't bother me"

Get ready for some gorgeous clouds:

Here's my favorite picture:

Aren't those pictures pleasing?  It's hard to be dissatified with my situation when my situation also involves so much beauty!

After the sunset, we had a beautiful dinner and dessert.

Dinner was fried spaghetti with bacon, roasted carrots and broccoli, salad, and lemon rosemary chicken.  My favorite part was the chicken, which was incredibly moist and juicy.

As if the day had not been filled with enough sweet satisfaction before, my uncle then made an ice cream sandwich out of two homemade chocolate chip cookies and butter pecan ice cream.

OMG!!!  The flavors blended together perfectly and it was the best ice cream sandwich I have ever had.  I may have had a painful day in one way, but it was still a day full of joy, beauty, and satisfaction.

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