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May 3, 2009

"Laugh, Lettuce, Laugh...In My BELLY!!!"

I used to eat salads all the time, but they weren't anything special. In eighth grade, I would have a bowl of lettuce with a tomato slice or two if they looked ripe enough in the school cafeteria for lunch. It was not incredibly appetizing and never was fully eaten. When eating out, I always ordered salads with everything on the side. Can we say boring?! Besides having vitamin deficiencies, I think anorexics may also suffer from lack of excitement. Knowing this, I think it is completely understandable that I sometimes think of salads with trepidation. As in, not that again!

Well, no more! There are an infinite number of ways to create an incredibly yummy, soul-satisfying salad, as I hope my pictures will prove...

"Very Vegan"

I made this salad for a church Sabbath meal, so that my Vegan friend would be able to enjoy it. It's very simple-just combine a chopped up onion, green bell pepper, a can of peas, a can of sweet corn, a can of french style green beans, sugar, olive oil, and vinegar! (Once I relocate the recipe, I'll give the exact amounts of the last three ingredients...)

"Leftover Lusciousness"

My own recipe! Leftover noodles, 1 can of chicken, cranberries, steamed asparagus, a hefty amount of Zesty Italian dressing, and parmesean cheese. I must say, I was very impressed with myself!

"Happy Lettuce!"

This one was a bit of a cheat... I added mandarin oranges, edamame, and chicken to an already prepared "Asian" salad from the store, which already featured wontons, snap peas, and an orange ginger dressing.

*The top picture is spinach with bleu cheese, bacon, walnuts, cranberries, Zesty Italian dressing, and tropical fruit. My parents loved it, but the bacon and bleu cheese made my weak stomach feel a little ill... Oh, well, - at least the salad's smiling! And I am too, when looking at these pictures and wondering about the next meal that I can share with you...and my very willing stomach, of course!

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