The Feminist's Guide to DragonCon

August 28, 2012

Every labor day weekend, Atlanta is busy, busy, busy!  There’s the Decatur Book Festival, Black GayPride, and DragonCon-a huge science fiction and fantasy convention.  One thing that I don’t talk about often is that I am a nerd and I attend DragonCon every year.  This will be my eleventh year!  D*Con is held in five hotels: the Westin, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Sheridan and features many panels, costume contests, parties, dances, musical and comedy shows, film screenings, venders, games, a parade, and much more.  It’s always a great time!  This year I am presenting the Feminist Guide to DragonCon, which is a list I have compiled of all the panels that address feminism in some way.  I have included  a lot of different topics and not just topics that deal with sexism or women directly, because “my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit” (one of my favorite quotes).  I have the category (track), the title, the description, time, and where the panel can be found.  The banner at the end will take you to the DragonCon website to look at the schedule more closely.

Who are you really?  A look at ideas about identity.  11:30am Reg V (Hyatt)

Steampunk: Saloon Girls, Actresses, and Other Fallen Women
From dowdy librarian to clockwork hooker, women can fill or break the mold of womanhood.  Desirability and social acceptance are two different things.  10p Intl A (Westin)
Steampunk: A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex
Authors with Combustion Books discuss Victorian kink, alternative sexuality, strange devices, and contemporary subculture.  11:30p Intl BC (Westin)
Art Show: The Five Lies to Bust for Freeing Your Creativity
Talk with career author/illustrator about smashing misconceptions and blockages that divert creative productivity or dull the imagination.  5:30p  Hanover A-B (Hyatt)
British Sci-Fi: Gay Themes in Doctor Who
Doctor Who has broken traditional walls of SF by acquiring a following in straight and gay communities.  Here we examine this idea.  10p Crystal Ballroom (Hilton)
Comics: The Superhero as The Other
What insights into diversity, marginalization, & suppression can we find in superhero comics?  11:30a Hanover F (Hyatt)
Comics: Rise of the Independent
Creator owned, self publishing and kicking @$$!  Find out what it takes to get it done.  4p  Hanover F (Hyatt)
Comics: Gender, Power, and the Superhero Self
How superhero comics present conceptions of masculinity & feminity, in terms of power, transition & coming of age.  7p  Hanover F (Hyatt)
Electronic Frontiers: Trust, Security, and Society
How societies induce trustworthiness and secure themselves against those who abuse trust and how systems fail in today’s technology-driven world.  2:30p 201 (Hilton)
Electronic Frontiers: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police Encounters
Knowing and asserting your rights along with common sense can greatly improve the outcome of any police encounter.  Documentary by  8:30 201 (Hilton)
Horror:  Our Monsters, Ourselves
What each generation’s choice of monsters says about the world we live in.  8:30p  Embassy A (Hyatt)
Sci-Fi Fantasy & Lit: Fandom and Feminism
How are women and feminism perceived in sf and fantasy narratives and fandom? 1p Greenbriar (Hyatt)
Science: I (Do Not) Want My HPV
An update of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): the virus, cervical cancer & other diseases it causes (with pictures) & the vaccines that prevent it.  8:30 202 (Hilton)
Trek: A Woman Leading Change!
Legend Nichelle Nichols first Q&A about her ground breaking role as Lieutenant Uhura and what she’s accomplished since!  2:30 Grand Ballroom A-F (Sheridan)
Young Adult: Tuff Chicks
Let’s talk about Katniss and other strong female protagonists in today’s YA.  11:30a A707 (Marriott)
Young Adult: Whitewashing of YA
A look at minorities and their portrayal in YA.  1p A707 (Marriott)

Steampunk: Envisioning a Better Steam Society
In an aesthetic based on a historial era rife with sexism, racism, and classist thinking, can Steampunk come to terms with its problematic past? 10a Intl A (Westin)
Steampunk: The World is Bigger Than England-Multi-Culturalism in the Alt History Environment
The 19th Century spirit of exploration begs to highlight cultural histories and hallmarks beyond the British Isles.  2:30p  Intl BC (Westin)
Anime: Miyazaki, Gender, and Joseph Campbell on the Heroic Quest
Hayao Miyazaki revisions Joseph Campbell’s universal myth of the (exclusively) male hero, expanding it to feature girls and young women.  5:30 Courtland (Hyatt)
British Sci-Fi: Time Ladies in the Whoinverse: The Portrayal of Women in Doctor Who
Why do ladies love the Doctor?  Is it the flashy threads?  The sleek vehicle?  His hat collection?  This & what it says about women in DW.  1p Macon (Sheridan)
British Sci-Fi: The Monty Python Experience
A celebration of all things Python, from skits, to sing-alongs, to chats to what they are doing now.  10p Macon (Sheridan)
Comics:  Strong Women in Comics
Discuss how the industry is breaking out of the “damsels and babes” molds to depict fascinating, strong, layered characters.  Hanover F (Hyatt)
Kaleidoscope: Geeks rule!
Geeks are trying to save the world.  From Level Up to Lab Rats how are these teens saving the planet?  1p L405 (Marriott)
Kaleidoscope: Girlz rule!
Grab your glitter nail polish and learn what girls like best!  Including tv shows, music, and more.  1p  L405 (Marriott)
Sci-Fi Fantasy & Lit: The State of Black Science Fiction
Local African-American writers discuss the place of Black science fiction today.  7p Fairlie (Hyatt)
Star Wars: Masculinity in SW
Vader, Han Solo, Lando-just what does it all mean, & where was the Maker going with chivalry, patriarchy, & the definition of masculinity?  5:30p  A706 (Marriott)
Video Gaming: Sex in VideoGames
Games are often found at the intersection of sexuality and sexism.  Hear how games from Bioware tackle issues like sex, gay romance, and inclusiveness.  10p  209 (Hilton)
X-Sexuality in Supernatural
A discussion on sexual orientation and identity on SPN, paired with a discussion on “shipping,” including the pros and cons of different “ships.”  10p  M106 (Marriott)
Young Adult: Advice for Young Writers
So you’re a teen or a young adult who has a story to tell.  Come hear some advice from seasoned writers about getting your start.  5:30p  A707 (Marriott)
Steampunk: Race Relations in Alternate History
Examine how the imperialist 19th century can be reinterpreted through alternate history for a modern, multiracial world.  7p Intl A (Westin)
Anne Mccaffrey’s Worlds: LGBT on Pern
Gay men on dragons are standard practice on Pern-but they’ve got company, and not everyone approves.  Todd weighs in.  (Here be spoilers!)  11:30am  Vinings (Hyatt)
British Sci-Fi: Theorizing  the Doctor: Then and Again
The evolution of Doctor Who will be academically explored through a social and ethical lens.  1p  Macon (Sheridan)
Comics:  The Status of Women in Mainstream Comics
Roundtable discussion of the status of women creators and the representations of women in mainstream comics, historial and contemporary.  7p Hanover F (Hyatt)
Comics: Black Masculinity and Comics
Jonathan Gayles Ph.D screens his film “White Scripts and Black Supermen: Black Masculinity in Comic Books.”  Q&A with filmmaker.  8:30p  Hanover F (Hyatt)
Gaming: Gamer Girls Unite!
Whether it be at the table top, in a computer game, over an MMO, or even with a foam sword, we talk about gamer girl culture.  11:30a Grand Salon C (Hilton)
Sci-Fi Fantasy & Lit: Race in SF and Fantasy
An examination of the way ethnicity is used in science fiction and fantasy literature.  But please, keep it civil.  4p Fairlie (Hyatt)
Sci-Fi Fantasy & Lit: Native Americans in SF & Fantasy
The use of Native American characters and mythology in science fiction and fantasy: done well or done poorly, should there be more?  8:30p Fairlie (Hyatt)
Young Adult: LGBTQ in YA
Are the portrayals of gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, and questioning teens realistic?  Audience participation encouraged.  4p A707 (Marriott)
Steampunk: Women in Alternate History
Are women in Steampunk “feminist” or “traditional” compared to Victorian social roles?  How are women represented in Steampunk books and films?  2:30p  Intl BC (Westin)
Costuming: Recycling: Turning Existing Oddiments in Costuming Art
Don’t let it sit in the garage collecting dust.  Grab those spare parts & odd pieces and let’s create!  2:30p  M103 (Marriott)
Skeptic: How Slippery is the Slope Between Same-Sex Marriage and Polyamory?
Insanity about same-sex marriages influence debunked with research on poly relationships, ethics provides boundaries without religious morality.  2:30p 205 (Hilton)
Stargate: She Blinded Me with Science: Sexism in Stargate
Do female characters get slighted in the SG franchise or was some of the now-cliché dialogue and plot an attempt to move gender equality forward?  11:30a Intl FGH (Westin)

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