Tickle the Fickle Pickle!

February 24, 2009

Every other Monday I attend a writing group at Charis bookstore in Atlanta and we always begin the session by doing a quick writing exercise. A couple of weeks ago, we had to write a passage using certain words and this is what I came up with. It is a true story that I will make into a longer story one day. The words were radio, essential, pickle, orange scarf, motorcycle, freedom, lemon, celestial, greedy, man, dragon, and green. If you ever have the time, use those words to make up your own story-I'd love to see the result!
It is essential when you are dealing with the man to remember: tickle the fickle pickle.

My first year at Berry college, I served the greedy student mouths at the campus grill. These mouths, which claimed to hunger for freedom, when it came to satisfying this so-called obsession with the unknown were like the green cook who used lemon instead of a hot pepper for spice, who chose a motor home instead of a motorcycle.

Thus, it became my obsession to give them a taste of something different, something bizarre,-when they wanted a pickle on their hamburger, I wrote, “tickle your fickle pickle” and made a big deal out of it. When they wanted cheese, I bowed and told them to spread the word-to say “Amen” to cheese!

It was my way of showing the man that he could not squelch my creativity; or at least not my mania. There was a radio in my head that wouldn’t stop playing celestial sounds from the deep. I can still hear it playing every now and then whispering, “Take off your orange scarf and use it to muffle the voice of the patriarchal dragon.

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