Unleashing Your Inner Goddess has Nothing to Do with Shaving Your Legs!

March 2, 2010

I am a little peeved. Venus Razors has a commercial that at the end asks womyn to "unleash your inner goddess." That's all well and good, but one's inner goddess has nothing to do with removing one's leg hair.

This is how you unleash your inner goddess: by listening to your body and to your own inner voice. By standing confident in the knowledge that you are a child of Godde. By pursuing justice! But whether you decide to keep your leg hair or to shave it off has nothing to do with real empowerment or living up to your true potential. I'll let you in on a little secret: I do not usually shave my legs! I don't even always shave my armpits. My skin is very sensitive and when I shave my legs I get a bunch of ugly, red, itchy bumps. Because of this I have decided to stay natural. This is my own decision and it does not matter to me one bit if you shave your legs-just please do not mistake shaving your legs for womanly empowerment.

Want a real way to "unleash your inner goddess?" Try feeding yourself good food instead!I made my first quiche last week and it was delicious-so light, fluffy, and yummy! I got the recipe from allrecipes.com and now that I know how to make one, I am excited by the prospect of making quiches filled with all sorts of cheeses, meats, and vegetables. The one I made last week was your basic cheese and broccoli quiche. The one in the picture does not have a crust-I thought I had doubled the recipe when I was following the directions, but it turned out that I had tripled it and I had run out of pie crusts. Whoops!

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