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July 11, 2010

I have decided to write to the governor of Louisiana and not the jailer, as the jailer already knows what is happening. The governor of Louisiana is Bobby Jindal and the address to send a letter to is P.O. Box 94004 Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Here is a sample letter: (It's what I am sending!)

Dear Governor Jindal,

Are you aware that at St. Tammany Parish prison, suicidal prisoners are placed in a cell three by three feet in the middle of the prison, called a “squirrel cage?” This is treating vulnerable human beings worse than dogs, for it is in St. Tammany Parish prison’s policy to place dogs in cages six by six feet. Treating prisoners this way is unconstitutional and it is bad press for the state of Louisiana. Please do what you can to ensure this horrible treatment does not continue to happen.

A Very Concerned American,
(your name)

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