Where'd My Time Go?

February 5, 2010

Right now I am down in Waycross completing the training to become a NAMI facilitator for a NAMI Connection group. This is something that I have wanted to do since I first started attending my local NAMI Connection group. I feel honored to be here, as it means that my group thinks that I could be a great leader. It means that I am much more stable than I was a year ago when I first joined and I am proud of that. I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to help others.

I must say, though, that I am a bit nervous about making the committment to facilitate for a year, because I fear that I may be overextending myself. I am so busy that I get really tired at night and I do not have time to compose my psalms, research womyn, or to blog as much as I would like. I am hoping that when I get home that I will be able to find a way to let some of my activities go, so that I will be able to spend the amount of time that I would ideally like to with this blog. Tonight I am going to pray over how I should best spend my time and whether or not I should accept the committment to facilitate.

In recovery, it is important to recognize when you are beginning to do too much and to pull back, so that you will have less stress and anxiety. I am finding that this is something that I continually have to do, because I am a very social person and I have a long herstory of overextending myself. I must take care of myself first, though, for if I don't, then a relapse is sure to be just around the corner.

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