Why An Egg

April 30, 2010

How do you like my new layout? I LoVe it! I feel like this is the time when it most closely resembles my personality. I wanted a picture that looks sort of like a logo and I chose a picture I took of an egg, because I think the egg really resembles Hope is Real! For me, eggs represent hope. When I was consumed with my eating disorder I was afraid of protein. I was so afraid that the last time I was hospitalized, I started smoking to release stress after being told by my nutritionist that I needed to eat more protein. I was truly crazy.

I was afraid of protein, because for no logical reason I had decided that protein=fat and of course, fat=horrible failure. I no longer believe that fatness equals failure and I credit the Fat Acceptance movement largely for this.

After I moved back home, I rededicated my life to recovery. I started to cook and to my surprise, I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy it! In the beginning, I needed the help of my nutritionist to cook balanced meals for my family, but now I rarely need her help. I have learned that balanced meals include protein and usually it is not a big deal to cook it anymore. In fact, I eat eggs all the time! They are my favorite protein-they are quick to cook, are versatile, taste great, and are a wonderful source of energy. So, to me, an egg symbolizes the fact that hope is real and change is possible!

One comment on “Why An Egg”

  1. Love the new lay-out! Haha, that's quirky that you were afraid of protein because now most ED people are afraid of NOT having enough protein and they shun carbs like crazy....it's all a form of irrational obsession!

    And I'm so pleased by the meaning behind the egg! I know you'll achieve success and freedom!

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