Wild Flowers, Wild Family

April 5, 2012

Today is day 5 of the health activist writer's challenge and my job is to write about a photo on flickr explore.  This image is called Untitled by RazorBrown.  Remember, that you can follow different health blogs by using  #HAWMC on Twitter.  Today's post is going to be pretty short, because I am tired.
Aren't those flowers pretty?  They remind me of the wildflowers at my cousin's farm in Virginia, which is where I was for most of today.  My family is spending Spring Break/Easter weekend with my mom's side of the family.  It's a very relaxing time, as we just spend time together eating, cooking, putting puzzles together, playing with the five dogs, walking, and napping.  I don't quite understand why I am so tired at the end of the day, but lately I've been too tired to post at night.  Maybe it's my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome or maybe it's the fact that it's a little exhausting to be surrounded by so much commotion and energy all the time.  I love my extended family, but I am used to having some alone time at some point in the day.  Still, the noise and attention keeps me from ruminating about the events that happened in my life this time last year.  Last Easter I was very depressed.  I had a bad medication change and then I got a new, stressful job.  I experienced some trauma and by July I had to resign and was back in a hospital program.  It was a little hard not to get lost thinking about the events that have happened in the car on our way up to Virginia from Georgia - a ten hour drive!  Fortunately, I have been able to really relax, enjoy myself, and live in the moment while here on the farm.  I am grateful for my family and our ED-free big meals, our long walks with five dogs, and the sounds of screeching, toy monkeys flung over my head by children.  I need my times of quiet and solitude to recharge my batteries and I know that I will probably spend some days alone in my room after this vacation, but I need joyful times with family to keep me from thinking too much sometimes too.
Body Love Wellness - My Favorite Mistakes 

During the talk, he had us say, again and again, “I’m a fucked up, fallible, human being, just like everyone else!”  Saying that a number of times with a group of 50 people or so whom you just met is incredibly freeing.  I remembered, that I’m human, and humans make mistakes.  In fact, they makelots of mistakes, and my occasionally, arguably misplaced commas were pretty meaningless on the scale of human mistakes. […]  I’ve realized that mistakes are a sign that I’m actually doing something.  I’m trying something.  I’m stretching beyond my comfort zone. Mistakes are often a sign that I’m taking action on my dreams.

 Dances with Fat – There’s Always Something You Can Do -

I think the first step to getting civil rights is realizing that you deserve them. The next step is demanding them again and again. In this culture, standing up for ourselves is an act of revolution.

Bad Reputation - FoundFeminism: Fun with #Tips for Ladies

In the online environment, we are surrounded by people too young, inexperienced or just plain bigoted to spread anything but the easiest, most poisonous dreck society has to peddle. The answer is to speak up. Use comedy, use popular trends, but even if it’s just you and just once, speak up for equality. And we’ll leave little beacons of hope in the places most easily reached by the most people.

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