About Corey Jones

Wellness and mental health consultant, coach, and speaker.

Corey's Story: Hope Is Real
A beautiful journey towards overcoming mental health challenges and chronic illness.

Corey Jones is the heart and soul behind Hope is Real. As a Certified Peer Specialist with more than ten years of experience in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), her goal is to help you on your journey towards mental health recovery.

As a child, Corey dreamt of becoming an opera singer; however, her life-long struggle with anxiety proved to be a challenge. During her college years, her anxiety grew and morphed into other serious mental health challenges that negatively impacted her life. She was no longer able to memorize music, and thus, she had to change her degree to English and pursue another career path.

Every Story Has An Origin

Upon graduating from college in 2006, Corey spent a lot of time in various mental health programs, from eating disorder inpatient units to general psychiatric units, and even spent nine months at Skyland Trail mental health facility. It was after experiencing these challenges herself, that Corey recognized how important it is to have someone who understands, cares, and can guide you through them.

Imagine her surprise when in 2009, she attended a mental health support group and was frustrated at the doom and gloom attitude of the people there. This frustration prompted her to create her blog; Hope Is Real. Now a Certified Peer Specialist, Corey has used her own experiences to advocate and create a safe space for those who seek to break free from mental health struggles.

With 10 years behind her, Corey offers life-changing workshops, DBT peer support groups, and has written two books. Corey empowers, educates, and provides real hope for people seeking emotional wellness and mental health.


  • 2015 - Started her career as a Certified Peer Specialist at the Decatur Peer Support and Wellness Center, a peer-run mental health center.
  • 2018 - Led an LGBT Cultural Competency workshop at the GMHCN summer conference.
  • 2019 - Led The Gift of Psychosis workshop at the Alternatives Conference.
  • 2019 - Started a wellness activities program for the Dual Diagnosis track at Dekalb County Drug Court.
  • 2018 NAMI Ending The Silence Facilitator
  • 2018 Peerzone Facilitator
  • 2017 Hearing Voices Network Facilitator
  • 2016 Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) Wellness Coach
  • 2015 Certified Peer Specialist
  • 2015 Respect Institute Speaker
  • 2010 NAMI In Our Own Voice Speaker
  • 2009 NAMI Connections Group Facilitator
Giving Back
  • "I hope Corey's book, Hope Is Real: Radical Recovery Prayers, will help more white women be open and stand in solidarity with the black community.  These are issues that affect us all."
    ~ R2ISE Theatre member
  • "Reading Hope Is Real: I Have a Purpose helps me feel comforted and reminds me that I am not alone."
    ~Mental Health Client 
  • "After hearing the poetry and prayers in Hope Is Real: Radical Recovery Prayers, I feel seen and validated."
    ~ R2ISE Theatre member

Corey Jones, The Author

Helping you Embrace the gifts within your struggles.
I Have A Purpose

Hospitalized for the seventh time in 2017, Corey chronicles her journey from trauma to joy. Sharing her methods to beat anxiety, this book offers concrete ways to combat severe anxiety and PTSD. She believes that her mental illnesses are gifts and it is this perspective that she hopes will liberate you from viewing your illnesses with shame.

Radical Recovery Prayers

A collection of intimate prayers inspired by scripture and Corey's experiences that started during the United States election in 2016. This book is for progressive Christians, people in recovery, intersectional feminists, and anyone with an open mind and heart looking for hope in this hard and messy world.


Make Your Mental Health A Priority