A Relaxing Addiction

March 15, 2010

Okay, I have a confession to make-in cold weather I am addicted to hot beverages. I consume mug after mug of hot tea, chocolate, and coffee. It is comforting and relaxing, besides warming. Now that it is a little warmer, I will be drinking less hot drinks-although I will still have my morning coffee or black tea, but I had to share this really cool tea contraption that a friend gave me when I oohed and ahhed about hers. It's from the store, Teavanna, and you put in your hot water and loose tea leaves, let the tea steep, and then when you put it on top of your mug it automatically drains the tea into your mug. I love it, because I've tried loose tea in the past, but until now I had never found a way to not have the tea leaves pollute the water.
What I love about drinking hot drinks, especially hot tea, is how relaxing it is. Drinking something hot forces me to drink slower, and to breath deeper, as I take in the hot steam. When I drink the tea, I am forced to pause and enjoy the moment. I am discovering more and more that it is important to pause and to relax. Today I had planned to make a pasta dinner-it was easy and simple, but I was so tired when I got home and I still had somewhere to go, so instead of making dinner and consequently making myself exhausted, I had a sandwich and a nap. It is so important for peace of mind to take breaks and to savor life, for life is more than merely surviving-it is about thriving!

(By the way, the tea I used is called "Alaskan Lady" and is a blend of blackberries, strawberry pieces, and "several other healthy fruits" and is actually from Alaska!)

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