Avocado vs. Slimcado

October 19, 2009

At the grocery store last week, I noticed something strange-a fruit that looked like an avocado, except it was a brighter green, much larger, and smoother. The label said, "slimcado" and my mom explained that it's supposed to taste like an avocado, but have less fat. Intrigued, I put both a regular avocado and a slimcado in the cart. I tried them both when we got home and taste-wise the avocado wins by a landslide, which is a shame since the slimcado is so much bigger!
Turkey burgers were on sale, so I bought a pack of those too. I soaked them in mixture of garlic and worcheshire sauce, grilled them on my fabulous George Foreman grill, slathered it with goat cheese, and topped them off with avocado slices. A gourmet turkey burger if there ever was one and so deliscious! Quick too, as I only had to grill the burger for six minutes. What I especially loved is that the burger was not greasy at all, but still full of flavor.

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