Be Proud of Your Imperfections

January 15, 2010

Yesterday I was comforting a friend who is struggling with the fact that she simply cannot be the "perfect" student. I felt so bad for her, as she mentally beat herself up for not being able to study as much as she had planned, for the simple truth of the matter is that no matter how hard one tries, no one can be the perfect anything. It is a guaranteed recipe for failure! It is a cliche to just say, "Be yourself," as if one can be one's self perfectly, be one cannot even do that, because there will always be times when one is not their true self-when one does something that goes against her beliefs or wants to be like someone else. One cannot "to thyself be true" all the time.

It is a worthy goal to be as true to one's self as much as one can, but no more is-or should be-asked of anyone. Treat yourself with lovingkindness, for if you cannot love yourself, then you cannot love anyone.

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