Dear Angela-A Poem about Cocaine Addiction

September 2, 2009

Dear Angela,

It is with love
That I hold my heart
From you.

And it is most certainly
With pain each day that I keep
My heart hidden from view.

But I must.

For you are not acting
In love
In kindness
Anything even resembling
Your own true self.

I cannot let cocaine steal
My heart, my friends, my life.

I cannot let it destroy me
Like it has destroyed you!

And so I wait.

I wait for the day
When you return to me
Drug and drunk FREE.


I wait for the day
I discover that you opted
Instead to come home to heaven.

Either way,
I am heartbroken
And sad

That you do not consider
My love and friendship-
And that of your two
Beautiful boys-

To be enough to keep you away
From the tortuous trip down cocaine lane.
This month is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery month. If you click on the widget on the left, then you will be directed to a site with tons of recovery support services and a listing of all the events celebrating recovery and sobriety, not just for the month, but for the rest of the year.

4 comments on “Dear Angela-A Poem about Cocaine Addiction”

  1. Yes and this poem is directed at her. I used to have a friend named Angela who is incredibly fun and we were very close. She has two teenage boys, but she relapsed about half a year ago back into her cocaine addiction. Most likely, it's going to kill her. Obviously, I can't associate with her when she's actively using-all I can do is pray that she sobers up-that she actually grasps just how special she is, but I fear that will never happen. She told me that if she relapsed again, it would kill her, so I'm basically waiting for the day I find out she's dead.

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