Delicious Cornbread That Has A Lot More Than Mere Corn

November 13, 2009

Doesn't this look fab?! Well, it tasted wonderful! These are pictures from several months ago, when my family still had homegrown, organic tomatoes and yellow squash. One night I made a compote out of sweet, cream corn, the squash and tomatoes, and munster cheese. I ate it that night over a black bean burger, but I was left with a lot of leftovers, so the next night I took those leftovers and I baked it along with the ingredients to make cornbread. Sorry I am being so general about the process, but for the cornbread, really I use a standard box and follow the instructions on the back.
Since that night, I have made variations of this cornbread many times and I have even brought it to parties and church dinners. Sometimes I add onions, sometimes the cheese is cheddar, although I don't usually use the squash. It was great, though! I do usually add the creamed corn and the last time I made it the tomatoes were not homegrown, but were stewed tomatoes from a can with "Mexican" spices. Really, you cannot mess up this recipe. I give you full permission to make this yourself and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
(It's best if served with sour cream!)

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