Don't You Want Me as a Roommate?!

April 10, 2009

I needed to use the rest of the sausage that I had used for the pasta dish, so one morning I got up a little early and made sausage and cheese omelets for everyone. Let me just say that whoever I end up rooming with will be very lucky! They turned out amazing, though I still need someone to teach me how to correctly turn an omelet...

(I gave up on making an omelet for myself and just scrambled the eggs.)

2 comments on “Don't You Want Me as a Roommate?!”

  1. maybe you didn't use enough oil? does your egg stick to your pan? or did you add liquid to your eggs? maybe next time you wait for the eggs to slightly set before you toss in the sausages. hope your next attempt in omelet turns out well, but it's the taste that counts! yay omelets!

  2. This may sound stupid,but I didn't use any oil. Why and how would I use oil with eggs? I did add milk to my eggs, but I've never been able to flip an omelet properly. It wasn't the sausage that was the problem, just the eggs. They stuck a little and I don't know when they've cooked enough.

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