January Books

February 4, 2011

Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life by Marjorie Thompson – This book is about finding your own spiritual practice in order to enrich and deepen one’s Christian, spiritual life. I really liked the chapters on prayer and hospitality. I also discovered that I already have a spiritual practice, which is intentional reading (I forget the official term and the book is in my car…). I skimmed the chapter on fasting, as that is a very sensitive issue for me. I know fasting has been used for spiritual purposes, but all I can think of is how spiritual fasting has been used to excuse anorexic behavior in some cases and I can’t take even reading about it. This chapter aside, I recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about Christian spiritual practices.

Etruscans by Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott – An imaginative story about Roman and Etruscan mythology. I liked the descriptions of the underworld. I thought it was very interesting how the characters in the story talked about the gods as if the gods were a lot closer than the way I think we usually think about God. It was an interesting and imaginative read, but still, it didn’t capture me the way Octavia E. Butler’s books do. (I’m reading Parable of the Talents right now and it’s SO good!)

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