My Biggest Wish For NAMI Parents

June 8, 2016

Last night I did a presentation for a bunch of parents at a NAMI Family to Family class.  It was a great experience - I really love talking to parents.  Here is what I wrote on Facebook about it: 

 Wonderful time sharing my story tonight.
 However, my biggest wish for NAMI is to stop being so medication driven.  People are holistic beings, not problems needing to be fixed.  Many parents seem to view their children as problems, which is sad.  I've started becoming more blunt with parents about how to approach their often adult children. Don't lecture. Dialogue is healing. Don't focus on the medication, focus on the person.  Ask what's holding you back?  There may be a valid reason why someone doesn't want to do something. Love. Validate.  Communicate. Don't lecture. Dialogue is healing. 
 We are all different people who need different things-just because I take medication doesn't mean that the next person needs it too. I can't decide what another person needs-we all have to decide for ourselves.  However, we all need validation and support and to be heard.
 Thankfully, parents seem to be really liking my words and seem to view what I say as insights on helpful communication.  I'm so glad. Life is so much better when I allow myself to be authentic.  I think people appreciate candor and openness more than we think they will.  One parent wrote on my evaluation that I am a good woman and it really touched my heart.

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