My Favorite DBT Skills Super Giveaway!

September 8, 2012

I have been doing this blog for several years now and I have decided that it is finally time for a giveaway!  Aren't you excited?  I am!  Nothing in the giveaway has been used before, but they are all items that I already had that I felt needed a new home.

The giveaway is dedicated to the fact that I finished my DBT class just a few weeks ago.  All of the items reflect my blog.  They are divided into three categories: two categories represent my two favorite DBT skills and the last category represents my commitment to feminism and equality.  All of the items represent my most favorite skill-the ability to create a positive experience.

DBT Skill #1 - Distraction

Both of the DBT skills are crisis survival skills, probably because my feelings used to be so intense that I felt like I was in crisis mode most of the time.  I say "used to be," because lately my emotions have been a lot more balanced-keep your fingers crossed that the balance continues!

Distraction used to be the DBT skill that I used the most often.  I've talked about using the skill before with Pinterest and that distraction works to help me from getting too anxious when confronted by bothersome hallucinations or painful emotions.  Click here to go a printer friendly page from a DBT workbook that outlines the principle of distraction if you want more information.

(Is this sexist? lol  It may be, but I still think it's cute.)

(It's so nice to see a person of color on a coloring book, even if it is a cabbage patch doll.  I am sorry, though-both coloring books no longer have stickers.)

(Made from recycled plastic and solar energy!)
DBT Skill #2 - Self - Soothing

According to, self soothing, "has to do with comforting, nurturing and being kind to yourself. One way to think of this is to think of ways of soothing each of your five senses."  I actually find coloring to be very self-soothing, besides distracting, as I wrote about here.  I also wrote about why continually doing self-soothing activities every day (in other words, building experiences) is important.
1 package of Cacao Mint Black tea from Teavanna.
1 single-serving tea infuser.
A green sponge and Crabtree & Evelyn body wash

The book, Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II by Penny Colman - It has great pictures!
A Human Rights Campaign bumper sticker - I got it from a Pride parade several years ago!

How to Enter the Giveaway:

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2. Reblog this post on tumblr.  My tumblr post is here.

3.  Tweet this message: #DBT Skills Super Giveaway @hopepersists

You can enter three times (obviously) and the winner will be determined by a random number generator.  The winner will be announced and contacted exactly two weeks from today-September 22, 2012.  Good luck!

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