Psalm 13

July 30, 2009

Whoa-two posts in two days-I am rockin'! haha Not really, but it is a sign that I am feeling better and hopefully soon I will be able to write some meatier articles than I have been, or maybe I'll just cook some meat...haha I'm sorry! I've been told my puns leave a bit to be desired...

Here is my thirteenth psalm, but do you think it is too short? Personally, I like short poems and I'll never have the patience to write an epic, but still, tell me what you think-does this version seem complete to you? The original is here at


How long must I be forgotten?

Consider me.
Hear me.
Enlighten me.

How long must I be forgotten?

Let me trust.
Let me rejoice.
Let me be thankful.

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