Psalm 14

August 7, 2009

Psalm 14

O Godde, I am held captive by the foolish.
They deny Your presence.
They say that I am foolish,
And they do not seek Your goodness.

Godde, I cannot find You here,
But I can find You among the poor
Giving food to the needy.

Help the foolish ones find You there too,
For they are also in need.

I love You, Godde;
Save Your people!
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My version of the Psalm reminded me of the song, "Save the People" from my favorite musical, Godspell. In case, you're not familiar with the story line, the guy with the bucket represents John the Baptist and he's just baptized Jesus. The dude wearing the Superhero shirt who does most of the singing is Jesus. This version is from a high school musical and I thought they were pretty good! My only complaint is that the musical is known for having really wild and fun outfits, while these kids just dressed in plain hippie clothes. Not nearly outrageous enough. Unfortunately, the videos on youtube that had the costumes perfect had singers which were out of tune! Good singing trumps costumes every time, in my opinion... Enjoy!

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  1. Godspell was actually made into a movie in the 1970s-a very cheesy movie, so only rent it if you want a good laugh-seeing it on stage is SO much better. lol But check out the soundtrack, which is phenomenal. The composer is Stephen Schwartz. He's also known for Pippin, which came out around the same time and is also great. Right now, he's most famous for Wicked.

    The 1970s was apparently the time for Christian musicals to become mainstream, because Andrew Lloyd Webber became famous for "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat." JCS, in my opinion, is Webber's finest work. Both have also been made into movies, with the 70s version of Jesus Christ Superstar being the best-with the wonderful Helen Reddy as Mary Magdalene! (famous for her feminist, "I am Woman" anthem, though my fondest memory of her is in "Pete's Dragon." lol)

  2. "Cotton Patch Gospel" was another musical about Jesus' parables that came out in the 70s. Never seen it, but I used to listen to the music on tape as a child. Godspell and Cotton Patch Gospel are very similar in that they both take place in modern times and they both focus on Jesus' parables. In Godspell, Jesus is viewed as a comedian trying to reach the people through funny stories (and song, of course) in order to get them to understand the real message. It's a refreshing take on the gospel of Matthew-sometimes I think, like in the very scary and traumatizing for some, versions of The Passion, people take the story of Christ too seriously. His life was not supposed to be viewed as a horror movie or thriller.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Passion of the Christ was just was good in that it got the love of God across, but it made Christ into the subject of something dreadful and horrible, when what He did for us was actually a very beautiful thing...

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