Psalm 21 - Let Us Give Thanks for "It's Only a Number!"

October 7, 2009

L: Great Ones rejoice in You, dear Godde
P: So do I.
L: You have given much to many-
P: Including myself.
L: The sun and moon bow down before You,
P: So do I.
L: All of creation cries out your name,
P: So do I.

L: Trees, rocks, mountains, fish, birds, reptiles, mammals-
All of the world’s righteous love You,
P: For You first loved us.

All: Thank You Godde.

("L" stands for Leader and "P" for People.) To compare it to the original, go to Bible Gateway. (painting by Mark Kuhne)
It is fitting that the next psalm I post is purely about giving thanks, for that is all I was thinking about a few days ago!

Last Friday, my mom and I had some much needed mother-daughter time and we used that time to go shopping for jeans, which I also very much needed. When I was a preteen, I loved to go clothes shopping with my mom, but then as my eating disorder progressed, shopping for clothes became very stressful, with me usually in tears.

But this time was different! The whole time I was trying on jeans, I just kept on repeating inside, "It's only a number, it's only a number..." And they are, you know! The sizes on clothes are just arbitrary numbers, with no intrinsic value! None!

I mostly credit the FA, or Fat Acceptance, Movement for the fact that I am beginning to really move towards sane thinking. More specifically, I credit the fact that I am committed to surrounding myself with positive people and I find the Fat Acceptance movement to be a really positive energy for my soul and mind. I am part of a community called Shapely Prose and I credit participating in their group discussions to be mind altering and soul affirming.

Even more specifically, I am open to The Sacred.

I think it is really important in recovery to have positive affirmations, or mantras, that one repeats over and over again until one believes them. I did not plan to repeat "It's only a number" that day, but when the phrase first entered my mind, I went with my instinct and kept on repeating it.

Are there affirmations that have suddenly surprised you like mine did?
What are your favorite mantras?

Another fave of mine is "Let Go and Let God."

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