Psalm 50 - Listen to Godde

November 28, 2010

I, Godde, have words to say
And I will not be silent.
In fact, if you listen,
You will hear me
From sunup to sundown.
My words are eternal light.

My words are for everyone:
For the heavenly hosts
And for all humankind.
Gather round, all you righteous-
All who are in relationship with me.
Let me assure you-you are enough.
You do not need to give up what gives you life.
I love you and you are my beloved children,
So do not fear. What do I want?
I want to hear your songs of praises.
I want to hear your cries of joy
And cries of pain. I want to be
In right relationship with you.

But to you, evildoers, this is what I want:
I want you to acknowledge your evil.
Know that when you watch a crime,
You commit that crime.
Do not remain complicit.
You speak evil and spread lies
And you thought I did not hear.
You thought I was complicit in your bullying,
But I was not, for I am Godde.

Remember this:
I hear everything
And I listen to your cries.
Let me hear your praise;
Let me be your salvation.
It occurs to me that we often ask Godde for what we want, but we seldom listen for what Godde wants. This psalm is all about being in a relationship with Godde and how we must listen to each other. I believe that Godde wants to be a part of our lives, but so many times we just shut Her out. Often we think Godde is silent, but I wonder if it's just that we aren't listening carefully enough.

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