Psalm 51 - Clean Me, O Washer Woman Godde

December 16, 2010

Washer Woman Godde,
Wash me in the detergent
Of Your love and mercy.
Make me clean again-
Rinse out my impurities.

It is time for some truth telling-
I know I have down wrong.
I have stained the clothes
That You gave me.
You are right to look upon
My blemishes in disgust.

Again and again, I go out and sin.
This is my truth,But Your truth is
That You can make me clean again.
Scrub me, O Godde!
Rub out my sin stains
And rinse me in hot water.
Then my burnt body will rejoice!

Do not just clean my body, O Godde,
But reach inside my soul and my heart.
Clean my heart-
Make a beautiful space
For the Holy Spirit to reside.
Replace my soul with a spirit of joy.

O Washer Woman of Righteousness,
I praise You! For all You demand
Is that I speak my truth.
You do not demand sacrifice
Or degrading demonstrations of guilt.
You simply want me to acknowledge
That You are the one in control.
My grasping for control
Has broken my spirit-
Mend me and love me anew.
Then my heart shall be filled
With joy and gratitude and
I shall exalt Your name forever.
To read the original, go here. This poem is a confession and while I was writing it, I was often thinking about what we say about confession at my church, Circle of Grace. There, we say that confession is not about guiltily beating ourselves up, but is more about telling our truth, for it is only when we have told our truth that we can be in right relationship with one another and with Godde. I really love that way of thinking. I also really like imagining Godde as a Washer Woman-a woman who isn't afraid to furiously and lovingly scrub out our stains. (From the blog, Roman Christendom, which unfortunately did not list the painter)

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  1. Hey, I think I might have finally learned how to post comments! I loved your psalm! I'll be thinking about Her all week-end. And what a great pic to go with!

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