Some Celebrate the Fourth Out of Patriotism-I Celebrate for Food!

July 29, 2009

Egads! I need to post more food pictures!!! How about what I made for the Fourth of July?

Surely this wholesome, homemade pizza is a cause for celebration!
I spent most of the holiday at work and then I raced home, so that I could make this pizza that I had been dreaming of for a while and it was dee-lish!!! The crust is Kroger brand (coat first with olive oil) and the pizza sauce is, uh, a brand that comes in a can with basil! Don't worry, because the real love is in the toppings:
artichoke hearts
lightly browned Purdue chicken, already flavored with white wine and garlic
3 cheeses: mozzarella, goat, and feta
sundried tomatoes

Then cook for five minutes and voila: a perfect pizza! We made two of these and they were both extremely filling and satisfying.

I made a great dinner for myself tonight, including homemade bread, but I decided to write about this pizza, because tonight is cause for celebration - those who have been following my blog will know that I have suffering from a pretty intense depression for a while now and today I celebrate a depression-free week!!! I still have been struggling with eating as regularly as I know I should, but I am proud of myself for making a wonderful dinner for myself tonight - my specialty chicken salad sandwich with a homegrown, organic tomato and a slice of havarti cheese!

In case you're wondering my chicken salad contains (besides canned chicken and mayo) cranberries, walnuts, and pickle relish. Yum!
Want a bite?

Or a slice?

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