Spiritual Quote - "God is Calling Us"

December 11, 2010

In every moment, in every context, God is calling us. (54, Monica A. Coleman, Making A Way Out of No Way)

I think it is usually hard to hear Godde, because we have to be quiet and attentive to hear Godde's whisper in our hearts. At Christmas time we have to be especially careful to listen for Godde. If we are Christian, then we know deep down why we are celebrating that holiday, but the meaning often gets lost in the shuffle of buying presents and going to parties. Even though we are busy, Godde still wants to be in relationship with us and still wants our energy and attention.

This year, I am going to my brother's for Christmas and my mom wants me to be in charge of the food. I am both honored and nervous at the same time. Today at my E.D.A. meeting, we were discussing the stress of the holiday season and it occurred to me that the way I frame my thoughts about cooking at my brother's will determine if I stay stable or not. If I decide to only focus on what I have to do, I may be prepared, but I will be frazzled. My perfectionism will kick in and I will worry that I am not pleasing everyone and that my dinners are not perfect enough. On the other hand, if I think about how happy I am to see my brother and how much I love the Christmas season, then I will be more relaxed and I will actually be able to enjoy myself. I can let my cooking be a breeding ground for ED or I can feel proud that people trust my cooking skills. When I am calm and thinking clearly, I know which way Godde wants me to go. Godde wants me to stay in the moment, to enjoy the time with my family, and to know peace. Today, in this moment, I choose Godde's peace.

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